5 Different Homemade Water Blob Ideas

Homemade Water Blob is the coolest thing ever. It’s so cheap to make (around $15) and it will last you for a while (if you make it right).

homemade water blob

It can definitely win “Activity  of the Summer” award in your house and it will keep kids talking all throughout the year. Great memories and family time!

Our family is finally ready for a homemade water blob. This year we have space and time to make it. But before I got into the process of making I decided to look into what other people did  it.

Today I am sharing few of the best ideas I found on the internet how to make a water blob.


1. Water Blob is cool. But imagine the GLOWING WATER BLOB. The nights will be so much cooler from now on. Check out Paging Fun Mums to learn how they made this blob glow…

glowing water blob


2. How to make leak proof water blob. Leisha from Home Made Toast has a secret step and tutorial how you can make a water blob without a duct tape. Super genius.


water blob

3. Who said water blobs are for bigger kids…Actually they are perfect for the little ones too who can’t really jump and run and slide yet. But they can explore… Check out A Bird And a Bean and see what she put in her water blob pillow for little one to look at.

4. In case you don’t want to (or can’t) rush to the store to get all the things needed for the water blob, you may still be able to make it from the stuff you probably have in your house. Check out Lenasekine blog to see how she did her water blob.