Hot Chocolate On A Stick

The Hot Chocolate season is officially open in our house.  This year I got fancy (practical) and decided to make Hot Chocolate On A Stick. It’s actually genius, whoever came up with it.

You basically need only 2 ingredients and can pre-make many hot chocolates ahead of time. It’s perfect for parties and little holiday treats to give out.

This is my way of getting smarter in the kitchen this holiday season. Make things ahead, is my motto.

Hot chocolate sticks

Make your own Hot Chocolate On A Stick

You will need:

  • Your favorite chocolate. I used 2 bars of dark chocolate (7 oz each)
  • Your favorite toppings. We used organic marshmallows. Your options are endless here. You can use nuts, brown sugar, shredded coconut, vanilla.  
  • Ice cube container
  • Wooden skewers/straws/spoons/lollipop sticks.
  • Milk

hot chocolate on a stick

  1. Melt the chocolate. In the microwave or over a hot bowl of water.
  2. Scoop out melted chocolate into the ice cube tray slots.
  3. Stick marshmallows on the skewers and put it in the middle of chocolate ice cube “puddles”. If yo aren’t using marshmallows you might want to wait few minutes until chocolate hardens before you put in the sticks, they will hold better.

how to make hot chocolate on a stick

4. Place it in the fridge for at least 4 hours. It’s pretty easy to take hardened chocolate out of ice cube tray. Just wiggle it few time and they will slip right out.

hot chocolate sticks 2

5. Heat your milk. Put hot chocolate stick in the glass and pour the milk. Mix it well and ENJOY!

hot chocolate on a stick 5

You can tell what part of hot chocolate on a stick he loves most. He couldn’t even wait for the chocolate to melt.

adas hot chocolats ona stick

We are planning on making Hot Chocolate On A Stick as holiday treats for neighbors and play-date friends.

coco on a stick