How I Got My Husband Quit His Job

When I was 6 years old our first teacher asked me and my friends who we want to be when we grow up. It was recorded on the camera (and I still have the VHS tape somewhere).

My friends were sharing their first real life dreams of becoming  a doctor, an actress, a well known sportsmen and even a banker. My best friend sitting next to me expressed that she wanted to be a parachute jumper.

Me? Without doubts I blurbed: “a mommy”. I have no idea why I said this back then…

me 6 year old

As I grew older I became very ambitious about building my career, which resulted me travelling around the world and doing all kinds of things. But when I met a man of my dreams and started a family  I had THE feeling coming back to me. The one that I had when I was 6 years old. I wanted to be a mommy. Nothing else. At that moment I didn’t care about disconnecting my social and professional lifestyle from the rest of the world.

But shortly after my daughter was born my hands started to itch. I wanted to do something. Yet I wanted to stay at home with her, because I really felt happy that way.

I wondered around for few years  while finding my dream job that I could do from home. Finally when my second child was born I found my creative side and could not stop anymore.

work home me

I started blogging. And THAT was the start into a whole new world for me.

For the first 1.5 year I wasn’t able to contribute to my family’s finances, but thanks to the most amazing people I met online, who became my mentors and friends I set a goal, which was pretty simple:

Get my husband home

You see, when kids were born I stayed home and my husband had to work for 2, to support our family. That meant almost 80 hours per week. No days off, no vacation time. It was crazy.

My daughter doesn’t even remember her dad from 3-5 years old, because he was always working. Always.

When blogging started to bring little income I got even more motivated and inspired that I could make money without actually going to work.

Soon I realized the more income streams I will have (even little ones) the more stable and safe my monthly income will be. Just like in a real business, you can’t have all your eggs in one basket. So I decided to diversify and find new ways to monetize my business and create some passive income.

I have learned and learned from the BEST!

Few months later I managed to create an extra monthly income that needed to finally replace my husband’s salary. He quit his job and came home to help us. With everything: dishes, laundry, dinners and the business, of course.husband home 2

Now we have big plans

Our goal isn’t in numbers as we finally stopped wanting to be rich, because we realized that that’s not where happiness was, but we do want to enjoy each other, raise our kids TOGETHER, build our dream home anywhere in the world we want, let the kids go to school WE choose and be able to visit family and friends all around the world anytime we want and basically do whatever we are passionate about. This is “rich life” for us.

Don’t get me wrong, we still work. A lot. But it’s totally up to us how long, who to work with and most important thing we are working at home, next to our kids. Or at the beach….

Oh, did I mention the fact that WE ADORE WHAT WE DO? We are paid to play with out kids!!!

husband home 4

Feel the freedom we feel 

I literally think I have the best life ever, that’s why when I meet new people I always try to talk them into starting their online business. There are so many options!