How To Build The Most Simple Cardboard House

We have finally built a cardboard house, as we’ve been drooling over these cool cardboard houses for a while now.  But first, a little confession and a story.

cardboard house

I have an addiction. I can’t stop myself and I dragged my whole family into it. At first they were a bit reluctant, but now they are turning into little addicts too. Just like me. So last week on the way back home I saw IT. It was enormous, not damaged and was calling my name from very far away. I had to get it. The big cardboard box!

To be continued… #cardboardcraft #playtivities #kbnmoms #bloggerlife

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How to build a cardboard house

Our goal for this cardboard house was to do it fast and mess free, using only minimal supplies and tools and avoiding complicated “architectural/engineering problems”.


  • Cardboard box (obviously). The bigger the better. The one we have found was from a huge freezer.
  • Box cutter
  • Tape to decorate your cardboard house. We loved it because it was easy, messy free and pretty fast. You can use paint, markers, crayons instead.

First we built a roof. We folded the top sides of the cardboard box into a triangle (picture below) and then topped it with the cardboard piece folded in half (length wise) that we got from the bottom of the box. We used tape to secure it.

build cardboard house

The rest is pretty simple and self-explanatory. Using box cutter cut out windows and doors of  your choice. Decorate with tape.

It only took one box to build this cardboard house. Yet it was something magic for the kids. They couldn’t believe they could stand up in it and start pulling all their belongings and decorating their new playhouse.

how to build cardboard house

diy cardboard house

Have you build a cardboard house? We would love to see it. Comment below!

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