How To Cut A Watermelon. 2 easy and fun ways.

Summer is unimaginable without watermelons in our house. We eat one big one a day! No lies here. Therefore, we are pretty good at cutting a watermelon. In fact, my husband is good at it.

Today we will show you how to cut a watermelon 2 ways. First one is fun way to serve kids a watermelon at a party, the second – is the easiest way to cut a watermelon for a super quick snack.

how to cut a watermelon


 #1. How to cut a watermelon. Turtle style

It’s  really easy. You don’t need any special skills or tools. It takes up to 5 minutes (or less) to cut a cute watermelon turtle. 

We love to cut watermelon this way, because it’s really convenient for kids to grab a good piece of watermelon and hold it from the grid. No utensils needed here. And also, it’s looks pretty and fun when served on the table at the party or a play-date outside.

Here is a short video to show you how to cut a watermelon to look like a turtle.

Cut your watermelon in half. Use one half and place it on the cutting board “meat” part down. Then, start slicing watermelon in 2 inch stripes length wise, then do the same width wise. You should have watermelon sliced in small squares.

Cut the shapes of turtle head, legs and tail from the watermelon.

Invite kids and enjoy watermelon turtle. It’s the best!

how to cut watermelon easy


   TIP !

Don’t forget to keep the watermelon in the fridge before cutting. Cold watermelon tasted way much better than hot one. how to cut a watermelon

 #2. Even easier way to cut a watermelohow to cut a watermelon easy wayn    

This is super easy and fast way to cut a watermelon. It takes seconds and you will get perfect smaller size cubes of watermelon in your plate ready to take to the piknik.

Here is the video: 


Don’t throw away the watermelon rind just yet. It can serve you as a craft material for kids to play with. Last year we build a little playhouse using watermelon rind.


How do YOU cut and serve your watermelon? Would like to know some new tips and tricks.