How To Do More When Baby Is Napping

You put your baby for a nap and next thing you know, he is awake and you have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Then you realize that most of the nap time you spend worrying if your baby is up, trying to sneak in in his room and just holding your ear next to the door to hear if he is awake. Only to find out for the 15th time that he is still sleeping. AND the minute your actually start being productive or start enjoying your little ME TIME, the baby is REALLY awake and needs you.

If this sounds familiar I have something interesting for you that might just change your unproductive time during baby naps.

be productive baby naps

Levana Baby Monitor. As much as I was trying to convince myself that we don’t need any baby gear I realized that it’s really a necessary tool to make your life easier when you have a baby.

I loved that the Ovia™ Baby Video Monitor had 2 Cameras with the cordless parent device (video monitor) which allowed me to be free and go from room to room. I could even go outside in the garden.levana monitor

The ability to turn the cameras around in baby’s room without going in the room is very helpful. I see this especially useful with bigger kids whom you want to supervise while they are playing (and moving around) in the room.

Also I appreciated the design of the monitor. It is so plain (yet modern) that it can fit any nursery decor.


So next time you keep running into your child’s room while he is sleeping just to check, think about a little investment. It will pay off big time in your free ME TIME.

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A shower, a cup of coffee, maybe even a really needed chat with your girlfriend on the phone? It sounds so good to a new mom, doesn’t it?