How To Find Daily Deals on Quality Kids’ Clothes

I never buy kids’ clothes full price. I have always been obsessed at finding clothing on discounts, at thrift stores or asking for hand-downs from my friends and family. It’s just doesn’t make sense to me (and my wallet!) to spend so much money on something that my child will wear for few months (or weeks).

But it’s not easy to always be looking for sales, coupons codes. This involves checking on many different stores and websites, driving around so you can find the best price for the best quality.

If you can relate to me you will be as excited as I was when I found something that not only can save me lots of money, but also time and, to be honest, headache.


It’s PatPat App. 

While having my early morning coffee I open this app on my phone to check for daily events that are posted every morning at 6 am PST.

Yes, the prices are very affordable, but after you scroll through you will see that all the clothing are stylish and have an amazing quality.

Here are my favorites for today!

Keep in mind that there are daily events and these particular items might be sold out at the time you are shopping.

 Girls ClothingDENIM DRESS dress DRESŞ


Baby clothing


baby cl

baby sf

Boy Clothing 




Save even more 

On top of getting all the items on PatPat up to %90 off you have few more ways to save even more.

  1. Get free shipping on $25 or more purchases.
  2. Use my code tGHR23 and get 25% OFF of your first purchase.
  3. Sign up and get YOUR CODE so you can share with your friends and get $5 every time someone uses your referral code to check out.