How To Make a Swing From a Plastic Box

It’s been 5 years since I became a mother and all that time I was dreaming about making my kids a swing (well, few more things, but the most realistic one was a swing).

how to make a swing

So, since now we have a luxury of outdoors space I decided to finally make a swing.

There are many ways to make swings, but I am a busy mama, that just loves to reuse and up-cycle the stuff we already have around the house, I came up with this Plastic Box Swing.

How to make a swing

You will need:

  • Plastic box (make sure it’s the strong and firm kind). I got mine at a garage sale for pennies.
  • knife to cut the plastic box. (my gardener husband used his pruning knife to cut it, but I think you could use a utility knife too).

how to make a swing from a plastic box

You also want to find a good place to hang the swing. We were lucky to find a metal frame under one of the side buildings in our farm property.

It would be perfect if you could have sand, grass or something soft in case of a fall.

After you gather materials needed and find a good place to hang to swing the process is very simple.

1. We cut the box in the front so kids can put their feet out leaving the 1/3 uncut. Make sure not to leave sharp edges around.

2. Then we pulled  the rope through as many holes of the box as possible.

3. We tied the knot little over the box and tied the swing to our metal frame.  Hubby made sure the knot is strong and secure to hold at least 2 kids.

how to make a swing from a placstic box

4. I put little cushion in the box.

And there you have it. As my daughter announced:

“the very most comfortable swing the world.”

She even said she could take naps there. We will see about that.

how to make a swing from a plastic box


And here are some pictures to prove how much kids loved this swing.

how to make a swing

I think the afternoons here in our farm will be a little more “swingy” from now on.

how to make a swing from plastic box




There was only one problem with this swing. IT WAS ONLY ONE. And there are about 7 neighborhood kids. So make sure to Subscribe or follow me on Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram (where I share more our daily adventures in the farm) so you won’t miss on more swings we will make in a very near future.


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