How To Make Slime. With And Without Borax.

Have your ever wondered how to make slime?

Slime is all over now. Everybody loves that slippery, sticky, muddy,  runny viscous substance. No matter how disgusting the description of slime is, kids ADORE slime. They love playing with it, pulling it, squishing it and if your kids are like mine they love stuffing it with weird things. And it’s good for them.

So If you are still interested, I gathered some of the best slime recipes out there.

how to make slime


How to make slime neon style. I love this slime recipe because it’s the basic one (it requires only 2 ingredients) and yet the slime looks perfect. No borax recipe.

Heat sensitive color changing slime. Not only kids get to play with slime it’s a perfect experiment too. Check  out how slime changes its colors when on different temperatures. Pretty cool.

 Magnetic slime! Yes, it totally possible. My kids can’t wait to try it. Check out the recipe. 

 Slime dripping through the basket. Make this and watch kids play with it for hours and hours. It’s addictive.



Chocolate stretchy slime recipe. It may or may not have some cocoa powder. Coolest thing ever! 

Alphabet slime, when you want to turn this into an educational activity. Kids learn best through play!

Planet earth slime. Love the neutral colors. Perfect activity for Earth Day.

 How to make slime with rainbow colors. Find the recipe here. 

 Lego slime. For Lego fans! 

how to make slime


Edible slime recipe. This slime is perfect for toddlers.

Kool Aid slime Recipe. Another great way to make edible slime. 

Glow in the dark slime recipe. Find out how to make it yourself. Perfect for summer parties.

How to make slime with glitter. For those who can’t do anything without it.

how to make slime


Polka dot slime. I love this this slime is clear so the polka dots really stand out. 

Glowing slime recipe. It needs 4 ingredients to make this slime. 

 How to make slime from sand. Just one more proof that you put pretty much anything in your slime to make it cooler and more fun to play with.