How To Run Errands With A Toddler. 5 Essential Tips

Running errands with a toddler might sound easy to those who didn’t experience it. It can turn into a very productive day or totally kill the day for both of you.

I had a fair share of running errands with toddlers myself through the year. Oh, the stories I could share… If I knew things few years ago that I know now things would have been a lot easier. So I am sharing my 5 tips on how to run errands with a toddler and actually enjoy it!

runnina errands with toddlers

1. Never leave at the wrong time. I know, sometimes it’s unavoidable and things need to be done right away. But do your best to meet your child’s needs first. Make sure he had a meal, he took a nap and he had enough mommy time.

2. Have a plan . Plan out the route in your head (or even on the paper) to where you need to go. You will save time in traffic and save money on gas. Just like you do weekly meal planning, plan your errands as well.

For example, on Tuesday we have library story time and on the way back we stop by and do our farmers market shopping.

3. Keep snacks. This one is very important. If you have a toddler you know what it means to have a hungry toddler throwing a tantrum while you are at the post office waiting in line.

Lately my little munchkin has been snacking on Sprout® Organic foods. It’s so easy to grab 1 or 2 on the go and I don’t have to feel bad about skipping on a healthy snack while we are running errands. She is always asking for more. It’s like a treat for her.

sprout park 2

Sprout® Organic is:

  • USDA certified organic
  • Non GMO
  • Honest flavor names that match ingredient lists
  • Only baby/toddler food brand that doesn’t use acid preservatives (e.g. citric acid, ascorbic acid or lemon juice concentrate) which can upset baby’s system
  • Only baby/toddler food with no additives, fillers or flavors in any of its recipes
  • BPA Free packagingsprout park 3


4. Take breaks in between.  

In the mornings after we drop off our older daughter to school, we have 15 min ride to the bank which is twice a week. So we stop at the park for a few minutes of play. This always starts the day well and keeps my toddler happy on the long (for us) ride to the bank.

5. Be prepared.

Have bank deposit slips ready for drive-through service, shopping list ready on hand, envelopes and packages ready to drop off. This will save you time getting out of the car and everything will go much smoother.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Sprout® Organic Baby Foods. The opinions and text are all mine.