Incredibly Easy DIY Puppet Theater From Cardboard Box

No school today. So that means some crafting and playing will be going on in our house today.

DIY puppet theater has been on our minds for a long long time. We have seen lots of them on Pinterest, but they were all made from fabric. And I am not friends with sewing machine. However, as you may have noticed, we love our cardboard (our latest cardboard project – wheel of fortune) so it was nobrainer we picked it (cardboard box) to make our own puppet theater.

diy cardboard puppet theater

 DIY Puppet Theater 

You will need:

  • cardboard box
  • paint and brushes
  • scissors or box knife
  • tape

1. Open your cardboard box and measure between your doorway. Make sure it’s wide (and long) enough.

2. Mark the windows and the doors. Cut it out.

3. The best part is coloring. Discuss the design with your children and let them lead this project. It’s so much fun.

4. After the puppet theater is painted and dried tape the sides to the doorway.

how to make puppet theater

We had so much fun with our DIY puppet theater. Sofia had 3 shows that day. One of them was at night.

diy puppet theaterIt’s a great DIY project for kids to get involved in and later to play with it for hours. There are so many opportunities here on what they can do with it. You basically helped them make a toy that they later will entertain with for hours.

Next project – DIY Puppets. puppet theater cardboard