15 Creative Indoor Activities For Kids Without Spending Any Money

So, here you go, I wrote 50 posts on Playtivities. Fiftyyy!!!  Every each of them includes a craft or an activity. We sure did have a lot of fun and learning in our house last 2 months.
I decided to pick 15 indoor activities for kids (plus one for dessert at the very end) that were the favorite ones in our house.

Cheap BUT fun and educational indoor activities for kids

indoor activities for kids roundup


1. We had this art activity which turned out brilliant. I simply placed some household items on the paper and my daughter ‘extended’ the drawing. It’s one of her favorite drawing activities until now.

art activity


2. The Friendship activity we had helped my daughter to cope with the move and the Best Friend she was missing so much. After we made this live size doll/best friend from cardboard, let’s just say the tea party has become more social…

friendship activity



3. We had so much fun this winter watching Olympics. Therefore, we mad these Homemade Skis to practice some skiing…. at home.



4. The fact that we don’t own a TV in the house, doesn’t mean that we don’t watch it. Actually, we have lots of news and shows presented to us LIVE by my kids with our DIY Styrofoam TV.



5. Fun Math Activity – Socks in the Box. Who said you can’t have fun with math? We played this game the entire evening by throwing, counting, recording and of course learning a lot of math.

fun math activity


6. Painted rocks helped us out with Story Telling activity a lot. All those characters were a huge inspiration to my daughter to create very different stories. Every time.



7. Our Egg carton caterpillar craft is more than that. We enjoyed making it (watch the video), but my daughter actually learned a lot about caterpillar metamorphosis (even though she still can’t say it right).

egg carton caterpillar


8. Storytelling Game is our Saturday Night activity. My daughter waits patiently for it all week long. There are so many ways to play this game and change the rules around so all the family members can participate. Even the most little ones.

storytelling game for kids


9.  What to do with Styrofoam?As you may have guessed Styrofoam doesn’t stay long in my house unused. We always find something to do with it. Most of times it’s toys. This time – Dollhouse! Imagine the fun my little girl had. Who said you have to buy those expensive dollhouses.

what to do with styrofoam


10. Acts of kindness for kids was a great way to teach my kids about friendship and what it takes to be a good friend. I made 9 awesome printable coupons (free for you) to get you and your kids started on this fun and kind activity.



11. Playdough creations with pasta was my toddler’s favorite playdough activity. Fine motor skills activity while stacking the different size pasta, sensor activity while mingling little fingers in the playdough made this play super beneficial.

playdough creations


12. DIY toy to teach colors for toddlers. All you need for this is few colored paper towel and some toilet paper rolls. Watch the video as a proof.

colors for toddlers


13. Ice play was a great sensor activity for both of my children. They enjoyed touching the ice and watching it melt while they played ice hockey (with their own rules, or course).

ice play mini version


14. Toddler stamping art by my little man was framed. It was that awesome. We made these stamps from my grandmother’s crochet tea/coffee coasters. (I hope she didn’t see this post).



15. I needed something for Independent toddler play. Something different, new and easy to make. I made it and he loved it. He played with it and I got to do my chores…. until I couldn’t resist of taking pictures of him playing. It happens every time.

fine motor activity with lego


Personally, I loved all of the activities and crafts we did together with my kids.  All 50 of them. It was kind of hard to pick the best. The stories that lay behind the scenes are priceless and I am so blessed to be able to capture the little piece of that.

As a promised dessert I am sharing our last post.

16. Homemade St. Patrick’s Day treats (or it could be Any Day treats). Just be careful not to have them every day. They are kind of sweet. Be sure to serve them in the morning or at least 7 hours before bed time. At least that’s what  I do to avoid late night jumping up and down crowd in my bedroom.

st patricks day treats


I hope you enjoyed our indoor activities for kids collection. If you don’t want to miss a post, I can always send you one in your email. No spam, no drama, I promise. Sign Up HERE.


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