Back to School Jokes

I am sure I am not alone to say that there are some awkward moments when you just start school. Most of it is from kids being shy and not knowing how to break the ice and start friendships.

school jokes for kids

For us, moms, it gets hard some mornings (especially the first ones) to get the kids all happy and in the good mood (because they are cranky and upset that they have to wake up so early now).

Back to school is fun but it can be little nerve-rating for kids, parents and the teachers.

But there is this one natural ‘remedy’ that will help make things seem and look better. It’s humor. It can do lots of good.

I wrote a post on the Kids Activities Blog few days ago where I shared Sofia’s favorite Back To School Jokes. Some of the are just silly, some hilarious and some worth retelling many many times.

Take a look, print them and share with your kids, teachers and friends.

Let’s make those lunch boxes funnier, bus stops sillier and first teacher moments more memorable.

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