Jumping Bunny Craft With a Beautiful Story

Bunny Craft

It’s Spring and it’s time for a Bunny Craft. As always, here in Playtivities, we like to make our crafts alive and use them for our activities. Mostly to encourage storytelling.

To match our craft we picked a book. Actually, one of our favorite books. And it was perfect.

Here is what you will need for a Bunny Craft:

  • Toilet paper roll
  • white paper
  • orange cardboard (we got some from a shoe box)
  • plastic container top (we used our yogurt container’s top)
  • scissors
  • stapler
  • glue
  • cotton
  • some rope

bunny craft materials needed

*This post may have affiliate links to materials, products and books I recommend and use myself.

How we made Jumping Bunny Craft

  • covered toilet paper roll with white paper
  • cut out the ears, feet, eyes from orange cardboard and glued them on the tube
  • made a spiral out of plastic lid (by cutting in circles around) and secured it inside the tube
  • glued the mustache on

bunny craft 3

How to make Jumping Bunny Craft

 Here is bunny craft in action

 bunny craft gif


After we made the craft we sat down to read a book. We read it couple of times and then tried to act the story out. My daughter added new twists and turns of her own to the story.

The book we read was:

Guess How Much I Love You.
It’s a popular book and we read it many many times already. But I thought it really matched our bunny craft today.

Moving, jumping, hopping bunnies made the story telling much easier. And of course, much more fun…

bunny craft game

As the bunnies bounced up down, hopped around and jumped up high in the sky there were a lot of “I love your till”… It continued all through the night even when the bunnies were ‘put to sleep’.

playing with bunny craft

Can I just say that this was a beautiful afternoon which led into evening full (literally) of Love. The bunny craft and the book really complimented each other and will be played with in the near future for sure.


This bunny craft (made from toilet paper roll) was a part of series that I am participating in.  It’s called Project: Recycle & Create, where every month a group of bloggers create and share crafts and activities they did by recycling, upcycling, reusing materials. This month’s theme is toilet paper rolls/cardboard tubes.

For more ideas about what to make with toilet paper rolls check out my Pinterest Board. I am constantly collecting THE MOST original and practical uses for toilet paper rolls.

what to do with toilet paper rolls pinterest board

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