Not just a Penguin Craft

Doing a penguin craft was on my mind for a while, here at Playtivities.

penguin craft

While making and creating a craft is fun and ads a lot of value to child’s development we always try to make a toy or an activity that we can do, play after we make that peace of art.

There are so many ways to make penguins crafts. But, as usual, in our house we love to use materials from our (or the neighbor’s) recycling bin.

For this penguin craft we used:


  • juice carton container (for the penguin daddy)
  • clothes pins (for mama’s nose, arms and legs)
  • toilet paper roll (for penguin baby)
  • some paper clips (for baby’s nose, arms and legs)
  • glue
  • paint
  • scissors
  • some left over carton (for the bow-ties and eyes)
  • 2 old baby socks (for the hats)

What to do

  1. Cut out the circle from the juice container (for the penguin baby to sit in) .
  2. Color the the penguins (the juice container and the toilet paper roll).
  3. Attach the cloth pins to the juice container by cutting a little hole and then just snipping it in. Do the same with the paper clips on the toilet paper roll.
  4. Attach the eyes and the bow-ties for the penguins.
  5. Put the hats on the penguins.
  6. Introduce daddy penguin to the baby penguin.


AS PROMISED, after the penguin craft is done – let the play begin – Penguin daddy caring a Penguin baby game.

Encourage the play and don’t miss out on the opportunity to teach something (in my case learn myself) about penguins.

penguin craftInteresting facts about penguins to share with your child:

  • penguins arms are called flippers and they help them to be the fastest swimmers of all the birds. Yes, penguins are Birds.
  • penguins live not only in Antarctica. They are spread all over the world: South America, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, as well as many small islands in the southern Pacific Ocean.
  • Penguins see better in water.
  • Wild penguins live 20-25 years
  • Penguins are very good parents, the take good care for the eggs and than the chicks by keeping them above their feet snuggled under the belly.
  • Gentoo chicks beg their parents for food by pecking on their beaks and making a special sound. The parent then opens up and regurgitates food into the chick’s mouth.
  • Penguins are very loud birds, calling to each other frequently throughout the day. There is also a lot of body language involved. Penguins communicate by dipping their heads down and bobbing them back up as their flippers flap at one another.

Here is how Sofia played with our penguin craft:

  • she gave the names to penguins.
  • she has learned that penguin daddy takes care of the baby penguin while mommy is out to the sea for the food so she had a nice daddy-baby pretend play where she puts the baby inside and then the baby jumps out to play.
  • she made penguin daddy feed the baby.
  • she tried to imitate the penguin sounds and the body language.

penguincraftTo add even more fun to this penguin craft show this video for your children. It’s too funny and adorable not to share with you!

Enjoy your penguin crafts

Birute Efe

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