Life hacks to simplify your life

Lately I have been obsessed with Life Hacks. They are truly life saving tips, no wonder they are popping everywhere on the internet. A lot of them are the most obvious things ever, but many of us would have not think of it.

So I have been collecting some of those amazing and super practical Life hacks and came down to 11 favorite ones. I have used almost all of them in my daily life for the last month or two and honestly they have been making  my life more simple. And that’s what I like about it.


1. Aluminium foil trick. So obvious, but I never new about it.

2. Chuck your Corn fast.

3. How to peel orange the RIGHT WAY via tablespoon
how to peel orange


4. Defrost steak in  minutes for those days when you forget to do it the night before…

5. Plastic  bag holder to stay organized

6. DIY Phone stand for your phone and tablet. So easy and fast to make.

7. Make a phone number bracelet for your kids. In case they get lost, they will always have your phone number on them.

8. DIY non-slip socks for kids. Brilliant. Especially for our family since my kids HATE to wear slippers int the house.

9. Open bag of chips like a pro!

10. Keep your bagels fresh in this crazy smart DIY bagel storage container.

11. The best life hacks for us, mothers, is about food. Especially if you can make something fast, healthy and on the budget. These few tips in the video are awesome because they are all those things mentioned above.

How about you? Which of these LIFE HACKS you liked most and would use in your daily life? Do you have your favorite one that I didn’t mention here? PLEASE share in the comments below to help a fella mother out!


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