Lunch box Ideas And Hacks For Realistic Families

My daughter is starting school this year and I was on look out for some simple yet creative lunch box ideas. The ones that get packed in your little’s one’s lunch box in under 10 minutes and brought back empty. What can I say – I like challenges!

lunch box ideas realistic

I am sharing some of the lunch box ideas we have been implementing for the last year and some from my fellow bloggers who are sharing their genius ideas to make packing a lunch box for kids much easier.

lunchbox ideas freeze

Want cold milk for lunch?

Put a milk pack in the freezer the night before. That way the next day your kid will have it cool for lunch. Horizon Milk packs are loved by kids.

lunchbox ideas veggies

If you want your kids to eat more veggies from their lunchbox – always send them with the dip. They will more likely want to at least try the veggies, because they will want to eat the dip. Talking here from personal experience.

Our favorite dip is hummus.

lunchbox tips

No cute paper for your lunchbox notes? No worries! You can write adorable notes simple on peel-able fruit, such bananas, oranges with a tooth pick or simply a marker. If you write with the tooth pick the note will show up 1 hour later.

“Go Bananas 2day”.

That will make your child’s day for sure!

lunchbox ice pack

lunchbox frozen pack

Make Ice packs by freezing some sponges. They are life savers during hot weather. Learn the tips and tricks from Kids Activities Blog. 

lunchbox hack pbj


lunchbox pbjWho knew? You can freeze peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!

School day mornings are very hectic for families. Sometimes even a simple peanut butter sandwich might not fit into a schedule. Make some PB&J sandwiches ahead of time and freeze them.

Tip: It defrosts a lot better if there is peanut butter on both sides. Find out more at Money Saving Mom.

lunchbox ideas stickers

Kids love food that is presented in a fun way. But who has time these days to carve Disney princess and cartoon charterers from a carrot? Definitely not me! I found a simple solution: place stickers to make the packaging more appealing and fun. It only takes few seconds. If you don’t have stickers on hand, drawing something with a marker would do the trick too.

lunchbox leftovers


lunchbox leftovers brocoli pasta

Pack kids lunch right after the dinner. That way you can use dinner leftovers and don’t have to rush in the morning. Just remember to grab the lunchbox out of the fridge before heading out of the door. I know it sounds unrealistic, but if you would just try once I believe it could be a habit of yours.

My kids love pasta leftovers. Here is one our favorite recipes from Momables.

lunch box ideas

Homemade mini pizza! Who wouldn’t want that for lunch? Don’t worry you won’t need to kneed the dough for that. Simply use your child’s favorite bread, top it with some marinara sauce, shred some cheese and top with their favorite pizza topping. Toast it in the oven, let it cool and wrap it in the baking sheet.

Lunchbox lists


Lists are good. Not only they save money and time, they also help you serve healthy and nutritious lunches for kids. Print this list out from Thirty Handmade Days.

lunch box ideas packing

Lunchbox nowhere found in the morning? No problem! Just throw everything in the zip-lock bag.  Horizon carton milk and yummy peanut butter crackers are perfect for that!