20 Cutest Mailbox Ideas

Getting real mail is exciting. Even it’s from a family member or a friend.

Valentine’s day is approaching and it’s always nice to get mail in a cute mailbox. I gathered these DIY mailboxe ideas for kids to inspire you to make one with your kids.

diy mailboxes

Make Canadian mailbox. handmadebyjt.blogspot

Make United States mailbox littleredwindow

mailboxes for kidsThis is one is for you, mama. How would you like to receive air mail from this adorable mailbox. You have to make it yourself though. michellezerull.blogspot

I love the idea covering regular cardboard with old maps. theclassroomcreative

Valentine’s day mail boxes. Find free printable at frogprincepaperie

mailbox ideas for kids

A cereal box and some cardboard tubes make a really nice mailbox to receive Valentine cards. blessthismessplease

Minion Valentine’s Day mailbox or a Minecraft Creeper Box. mintconditiondaily

Step up the game and get a whole postal service. Perfect for a classroom or a bigger family. frugalfun4boys

mailbox for kids

Lego brick inspired Valentine box for kids coffeecupsandcrayons

Valentine box made from cardboard box paperjewels.blogspot

I like warm hugs. Olaf mailbox. oneartsymama

diy mailbox ideas

Mailbox made out of felt. It’s a whole set. via imagineourlife

This mailbox is hanging on a door nob. crayonsandcroissants

Yellow mailbox. Get a free printable pysselbolaget.se

Get a free mailbox printable over coolmompicks

Fairy mailbox, because you never know who you will mail you letters. Get free letter printable at redtedart

More Mailbox ideas for kids

Special delivery paper mailboxes. Get tutorial and pattern. simplymodernmom


Crocodile mailbox. mamaslikeme

Robot mailbox goplanetearth.blogspot

Charming milk carton mailbox chalkaboutit.blogspot



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