How To Make Childhood Last longer

It seems like it was just yesterday that I was kissing all of his tiny toes and today I can barely catch my son and I have to Google answers to many of my daughter’s questions, because, frankly – I don’t have answers.


Yes, we all know that kids grow up with a blink of an eye.

The thing is that – childhood feels long for children, but for adults it seems like it’s passing very fast. Why? Children, while they are young,  everything is new to them, there is a lot to learn and experience, a lot is going on through their minds during the day. That’s way the time passes slow for them. For us, parents, time goes fast because we are already used to things that are around us and the same routine is just making time pass by faster.

It’s a scary subject to any parent.

My kids are growing up and I don’t have enough of them.

I have said that many times. Even though I am a stay at home mom.

So I sat down the other day to think about it and I came up with few ‘solutions’ on how to enjoy and make the childhood last a bit longer. For you, parent.

1. Simplify your life: your living room, children’s room, your kitchen, your whole house.  We tend to get busy with things that don’t really matter. Like cleaning cluttered garage for a whole Saturday afternoon, when we could be playing and enjoying the kiddos. There has to be less stuff to clean, less stuff for kids to break and less stuff to buy again. More time to focus on real things; relationships, adventures and creating long lasting memories.

2. Limit ‘digital time’. Choose very carefully on what is being seen and done on the screen. If you watch a movie, choose the one you can watch as a family. If you play a game, play it together.

3. Don’t involve kids into too many activities. I get it, playing soccer is fine, but  make sure that doesn’t turn into a full time driving job for you, as a parent. The moment you feel that you took a full time driver job, it means your child is onto too many activities.

I know, we as parents want THE BEST for our children. We want them to grow up with a lot of skills, good education and a strong background. I am not saying that forget the soccer and piano classes. I am just seeking for more balance.

4. Get out of your routine once in a while. Create unforgettable memories by surprising your kids with unexpected pick-up from school and going on a trip (even a small one) or make their jaws open by telling them they can eat all the ice cream they want. Family traditions has helped us be creative and spontaneous while building the best memories and preserving them in our hearts.

make childhood last longer

5. DON’T take too many pictures and videos. I know, they are a great digital proof of memorable family event or a trip but many times we forget to enjoy the real moment, because we get so busy snapping the pictures. It’s OK to take few of them, but you should set a limit when to stop.

6. Have dates with your child. This is especially important if you have more than 1 child. Spending 1 on 1 quality time once a week or month (even if it’s just 1 hour) will create a stronger bond between two of you and will help you to get to know each other better.

7. Find common interests and passions with your child. This will work when your kiddo is little bigger. It will be easier to hang out together and do things that are fun for both of you. Playing chess, basketball, collecting stamps or different rocks, crafting or just building and constructing stuff.

8. If you buy your kids  toys make sure they encourage creativity and are educational. They should empower them to be anybody they want. Learning through play is the most efficient form of education in those early ages. Also make sure to get some family games. We love this one: YOU’LL NEVER GUESS! Board Game. (affiliate link)

9. It’s OK for them to be bored. As much as you want to enjoy and hang out with your kids they do need their own time…(you too). Don’t worry – it’s healthy for them to be bored occasionally. That’s when creativity boosts and independence happens (and you take a cup pf coffee or chat on the phone).

10. The most important thing to make childhood last longer (for a parent) is spend more quality time with your children. Learn to love playing with them, teach them valuable life lessons, find common interests and get to know your child better.


 If you feel that your children are growing up too fast, share your thoughts in the comments below. How do you enjoy your children?


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