How to Make Easy Jewelry For Kids

Last Friday I got a pleasant surprise in my mailbox which inspired me to write a post about How to make Easy Jewelry.


fewerely craft

Do you know of a girl who can never have enough of jewelry? I do. I am sure you do too.

Grab your little diva (or mister) and Let’s make some easy DIY jewelry.  It’s beautifully simple and awesomely gorgeous. (how is that for an explanation!).

So what was in the package?

How to Make Easy Jewelry For Kids k

It was a an amazing book from Holly and Rachel from Kids Activities Blog (my favorite). Not only that they have the coolest Kids Activities blog on the planet, they now wrote a book with 101 kids activities, that are the Bestest, Funnest Ever!: The Entertainment Solution for Parents, Relatives & Babysitters! Seriously, those 2 mamas rock! I can just imagine how many parents and caregivers are thankful for their sanity, especially now when they don’t have to browse online and be overwhelmed with a lot of stuff on Pinterest. They can just open a book and pick something fun and cool to do with the kids.

So as we were scrolling through the book at the park, my daughter immediately had her eye on the DIY bracelets (no surprise  here).

We made them and they turned out super duper cool.


 How to Make Easy Jewelry

You will need:

  • plastic water bottles. We used 2 little ones for the bracelets and 1 big one for the headband.
  • acrylic paint and some brushes
  • glue
  • scissors
  • stickers or sparkly jewel beads for decoration

How we did it:

  1. cut the plastic bottles in pieces. Small water bottle is perfect size for 5 year old’s hand wrist. We used big (5 liters) water bottle for head band. just cut the string in the width you want and cut in the middle.
  2. we used acrylic paint to color bracelets and head band.
  3. after the paint was dry we added extra design touch. this was a favorite part.

How to Make Easy Jewelry For Kids v

” I will never buy accessories again”

She was so pleased with how it turned out. To be honest, she didn’t expect it to be this pretty.

easy jewelry for kids

After the the jewelery was made it was time for posing. And we did a lot of it. Too much, actually.


easy diy jewelry

homemade jewerely for kids
This DIY jewelery craft was awesome. We made 5 bracelets and a matching headband. Oh and one ankle bracelet.

diy jewelry for kids

Seriously, this book is an investment to more coffee breaks for you and more laughs and less “I am bored” from your kids. Boredom busters, crafts, games simple science. It’s all in there.  The best part is that you don’t need to rush to the craft supply store or market to get stuff. Almost all the games, crafts and other cool activities can be done with the things you already have at home. This is my kinda book fore sure!

easy diy jewerely for kids

Thank you, Holly and Rachel, for simplifying lives for parents and caregivers and at the same time enriching our children’s lives.

You can get the book here. (affiliate link)

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