Make Fake Snow from Styrofoam for Kids to Go Crazy.

fake snow

I grew up in northern European country where we got snow 4-5 months a year.  One of my best childhood memories are somehow associated with snow and playing with it and in it all day.

My kids have seen snow, but we don’t have it where we live now. So every chance I get I try to mimic snow play. And sometimes (this time is one of those) I get lucky because the fun they have with that fake snow is really close to what I had experienced in my childhood with the real snow.

Before you start on this fake snow activity I have to warn you: IT’S MESSY!!


 The setup for this fake snow from Styrofoam is really fast and simple.


  • Get a piece of styrofoam (as always I got mine from the recycling bin. It was packaging foam from a big picture frame)
  • break it in smaller pieces
  • blend it with blender

I have never tried this before so I wasn’t sure how will this come out. But I was surprised how fast (5 sec) the styrofoam turned into a nice texture that could imitate snow for us.

fakesnow1Some tips:

Little preparation and organization can eliminate the big mess and will save you a lot of time in cleaning after the activity:

  •   spread some sheets on the floor
  •   put the fake snow in the container to start with
  •  set some rules and guidelines for the activity.  For example, “no throwing ‘the snow’ outside the sheet area”, “make sure you clean yourself off before leaving ‘the sheet area”.


The play possibilities with styrofoam fake snow are endless.

  1. Start with putting the snow in the container for some sensory play. Kids love love love touching the styrofoam crumbles.


  2. After a while (this can be somewhere between 3 sec and 5 min) kids will realize by themselves that throwing ‘the snow’ in the air is super super fun. “Mommy, look, it’s snowiiiiiing.”


  3. Practice some blowing by throwing some snow in the air and blowing onto each other. We were all in white.
  4. The blowing part will lead to filling up a container with snow and dumping on each others heads. (This is the reason I have missed so many good shots – too much snow on my head).
  5. And when the energy is out you can always have a cup of hot chocolate and make daddy slowly sprinkle snow on your heads.


And the clean up? Who cares…When the kids are having a blast. Their laughter was priceless.

We tried to save all the ‘snow’ from the sheets and put it in the container for the next snow day. Whatever was left, vacuum cleaner took care of it.

Admit it, the messier the play is the more fun kids have.


This year we made new fake snow. Check out our short video below and a post for instructions.

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  1. Have to agree with that last statement – the messier, the more fun the kids have! I love the pictures – they look like they’re having a blast!

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