How To Make Olaf From a Sock

Last month I made my daughter Elsa doll for her birthday, so now I was thinking how to make Olaf next. Elsa build hers from snow, right? I don’t have that luxury here, so I used materials I had around the house, which is basically sock and few scraps of felt.


How to make Olaf from a sock

You will need:

  • white sock
  • white and black felt (for eyes, mouth, hair and hands)
  • 3 black buttons
  • white ribbon or thin rope
  • cotton to fill the sock
  • Orange marker or some orange paint (I used acrylic)
  • Glue (hot glue gun would be perfect)
  • scissors

How to make OLAF from a sock

1. Stuff the sock with the cotton. As much as you can.

2. Tie it up with the rope on top (that will be part of the hair).

3. Divide the sock in 3 parts (head bigger, middle part smaller and the bottom biggest). Tie it up with the ropes. Make sure to knots are strong. Cut the endings with the scissors.

4. At the bottom part of Olaf grab little pieces and form little legs by tying the rope.

5. Do the same for Olaf’s nose. Just pull some of the sock (together with the cotton) and tie the rope under.

6. Glue the eyes, eyebrows, buttons, mouth, hands and hair. Color the nose.


Your Olaf is done and ready for a lot of warm hugs.


Let me tell you, I am so in love with this plush toy Olaf, I could hardly separate from him when I had to give to the real owner, my son.


He is pretty flexible too. It’s easy to create an Olaf character with this toy by moving his hands, twisting his head (it bounces back when you pull it backwards).


If you are looking for some DIY Holiday gifts for children, this one is really cute and will melt any child’s heart. I have few orders lined up already from our little friends in the neighborhood. Need to go sock shopping!


If you are around here a little bit you might notice our slight obsession with movie Frozen. I tried to keep it low, but it’s not happening.

Here is what we did Frozen related so far:


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  1. What a genius idea. We love Olaf.
    Thank you
    I am featuring on the Weekly Kids Co-op

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