Make Olympic Puzzle

olympic puzzle

There isn’t much we can talk about Olympics with toddlers. But there is so many things we can show, let them touch, hear, practice.

Today I wanted to blend few activities in one. I wanted to introduce Olympic colors and I wanted my toddler to be able to stack them together or in order.

And that’s how Olympic puzzle idea was born. olympic puzzle4

To make Olympic puzzle

you will need:

  • cardboard of 5 colors (red, black, green, yellow and blue). I cut out pieces from packaging boxes that I save. I was lucky to find 5 different colors. (My “trash collecting” (according to my husband) around town is paying off big time!)
  • scissors or craft knife
  • pen

what to do: olympic puzzle

1. Cut out the cardboard circles. Make sure they are all the same size.

2. Draw a puzzle shape on of the circles. I used bottle cap to make sure I make even puzzle shapes.

3. Cut the puzzle.

4. Place it on the other cardboard circle and repeat. Do the same with all of them.

5. Give it to the kids and let them start playing.

olympic puzzle

It’s such a simple toddler activity, but I think it benefits a lot because there are quite a few good skills involved for the little ones to practice:

  • color recognition.
  • motor activity. Trying to fit the matching parts is not easy for toddlers at first but with some practice they get better (of course if the patience doesn’t run away first 🙂
  • sensor activity. My son was touching with this little fingers all different curves and shapes of the puzzles.
  • the joy of accomplishment when 2 parts or more go together. When a child succeeds in an activity, he is more interested and motivated to keep learning and practicing more.

  olympic puzzle  olympic puzzle12 We had a fun afternoon playing with Olympic puzzle. My son tried different stacking variations with those puzzles: in one line, around, upside down.

They are definitely not perfect, but sure did they serve the goal I had for today’s activity. olympic puzzle13
Enjoy your Olympic Activities with your toddlers too.

Birute Efe



3 thoughts on “Make Olympic Puzzle”

    1. Birute Efe

      Thanks, Maryanne. Simple is very common in our house 🙂

  1. This falls under the category of “why didn’t I think of that!” I’ve been wanting to get a small 4-piece jigsaw puzzle for my toddler to start working with him on that and this is perfect! I also have a lot of woodworking tools and scrap wood at home, so I can essentially make him a wood jigsaw puzzle as well. Thank you for this! You’ve given me a great idea!

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