Make Your Own Canvas With Kids

We love love making our own wall art. Especially when kids can be the artists. It just gives that feeling of satisfaction every time you look at it hanging on the wall. Every peace of art we make has tons of great stories around it.

Today we got to make Canvas. From scratch. We even made our own canvas, because I didn’t have any at home and didn’t want to do an errand (or spend money).

canvas free

To make your own canvas

You will need:

  • Styrofoam sheet
  • fabric sheet (we used cotton, but you can use canvas fabric if you have)
  • acrylic paint
  • hot glue gun
  • free volunteer hands (to use as brushes)

We had all these supplies at home, so our canvas turned out to be FREE! How cool is that!

making canvas

The process: 

Measure your fabric onto the styrofoam sheet to make sure it comfortably warps around. Cut the access. Using hot glue gun bond the fabric to the styrofoam sheet. Make sure to pull the fabric to have the surface as even as possible.

After the fabric is glued on the styrofoam sheet flip it and you are ready to paint. Invite kids, lay out some acrylic paint and let them be the artists they truly are, by creating art with their own fingers, paws and in our case elbows.

canvas painting

My toddler son was into this project as well. Using big part of his body.

canvas diy


 Tip: We found out that if we wanted to cover bigger slots of canvas with one color, a simple wet wipe was doing a good trick to blend and spread the colors across the fabric.


Proud little faces hiding behind their masterpiece. canvas kid made

We will definitely be making more of these canvas in near future, meanwhile we are in the look out for another styrofoam sheet that’s been thrown out at the neighborhood construction site.  We will be making mini canvas by cutting the big styrofoam sheet in 8 pieces.canvas diy

What is your favorite DIY wall art?