Simple Maze For Kids To Make From Rocks

maze for kids

Explaining what is maze for kids can be little confusing. Well, at least for me.
So when the time came to learn about mazes I decided the best way would be to actually built one. With kids.

We had just came back from rock hunt so we had plenty of those.

How about maze for kids from rocks?

1.  We started out from drawing lines for the maze right on the floor so the kids will know where to put them.

maze for kids2.  Then the kids followed the trace lines by putting the rocks and leaving the spaces where there were no lines.

maze for kidsWithout much explanation it came to my 5 year old what was the maze. (which is my favorite part of learning activities – when your child ‘gets it’ by doing the activity, not when you explain everything word by word).

maze for kids


How maze turned into a story

This maze for kids activity didn’t finish with just building a maze. When we had a maze laying on the floor, my daughter felt it’s mystery and decided to bring on some characters to it.
To encourage the storytelling I found some information.

Some of the stone mazes that were created on beaches were believed to have been made by fishermen while they waited for good conditions. It is said that they walked the maze to bring them good luck in their fishing and on their journey.  This superstition fits with the Chinese belief that bad luck or demons only travel in straight lines.  Hence the maze would stop misfortune from following them.


So we did some storytelling… with the princess on the horse going to look for a secret rock in the middle of the maze. The rock was supposed to help the princess find THE FISHERMAN.

maze for kidsWant to make another maze for kids?

Check out these:

Happy mazing

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