DIY Mini Inground Pool for Unlimited Splashes

Hot summer day? No Pool? No problem.

You can actually make your own in ground pool. Yes, in-ground. And of course, it won’t cost you a dime. Just the way we like it.

 diy inground pool

To make a mini in ground pool you will need:

  • Place to dig the hole in the ground
  • Big piece of plastic water proof material. We used an old plastic table cloth. Big shower curtain or big plastic strong bag could work too. Depending on the pool size you want to make. Keep in mind, the bigger, the better.
  • Plastic bottle


diy indoor pool tutorial

1. Find the space in your backyard to dig the hole for the pool. We did it in our sandbox since it’s pretty big and it was super easy to dig. Keep in mind, when making the hole, to make the middle of it the deepest. That will help with the drainage.

The size of the hole Depends on how big is your plastic sheet. Basically it’s like putting trash bag in trash container.

2. After you dig the hole, make sure to wet that area so the plastic sheet will sit in nicer and firmer.

3 -7 To avoid a lot of hassle and work make a drainage for your mini pool. It’s very easy. Take plastic soda bottle, open the lid and place it on the plastic sheet your are using for the pool. Trace it around and cut that circle out. Now  cut the top of the bottle (about 5”) and push it through the hole of the plastic sheet. Barry it into the ground (it should be deeper than the pool) and put the lid on. When you want the water to run out the pull just open the lid.

8. Keep in mind the sides of the plastic sheet has to lay on top of the hole. Cover it either with the dirt or sand or with some rocks.

9. Poor water.


The pictures say it all.

diy pool fun


Please please don’t leave children unattended near water. Even if you think it’s not too deep and they are safe. Still don’t leave them alone near water. I will say it again. Don’t leave kids unattended near water.

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3 thoughts on “DIY Mini Inground Pool for Unlimited Splashes”

  1. Oh! we do that when e go to the beach… for the littlest ones… yes, great idea to do it in the backyard too!

  2. Debs

    I followed your link from site. I enjoy reading about your ideas. Both my kids are grown (Son 25 and Daughter 20), but I grew up in a rural area here in the U.S., and your inspirations remind me a lot of my childhood as my mother and father divorced when I was young, and my mother raising me on her own we did not have a lot of money for me a lot of toys, so I was always playing outside trying to think of ideas, for example, using old cardboard boxes to make a play house etc. Someday I will have grand kids, and looking at these inspires me.

    1. Birute Efe

      Thank you Debs for coming over and leaving a comment. I am so happy that you get inspired especially when you kids are all grown up. You know, I grew up also playing with nature stuff and whatever we could make toys from, because basically we never could afford toys either. I hope you get to play with your grand kids one day and have best time making toys from cardboard, plastic bottles or just some simple sticks.

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