Mother’s Day Breakfast Made By Kids

mother's day breakfast


I am a lucky mama for many many reasons, but today I will share one that is quite unique.

I get to celebrate 2 Mother’s Days! Every. Year.

Now, that’s lucky.

Here is why.

I am Lithuanian and in Lithuania they celebrate Mother’s Day on the first Sunday of May. Now, my husband is Turkish and we are currently living in Turkey, so we celebrate Turkish mother’s day which happens to be on the second Sunday of May.
So this past Sunday I had my Lithuanian Mother’s Day.

I don’t usually get fancy necklaces or spa treats, I don’t even get a day off with my girlfriends. And I am happy, because I don’t need those things that day. To feel special all I want is Mother’s Day  breakfast in bed. That’s it.

So this year my precious hubby decided to involve kids in making the breakfast. He cut up some of my favorite breakfast items and let the children create “Mommy face”. He even took some pictures of the process so I ‘can blog about it’.


mother's day breakfast  gif

I think it kinda looks like me, except the scrambled egg hair.

mother's day breakfast 7

I can’t wait for this coming Sunday to have another Mother’s Day Breakfast in bed.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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