Movie Frozen Craft.


If you  have a girl (or a boy) ages somewhere between 2 and 10, you might have heard of a new Disney movie called Frozen (Let it go, Let it go…. ring any bells?). It might not be the same in your household but around here, it’s all about Elsa, Anna and Olaf of course.

So naturally, when I suggested we should do a craft, Sofia went for Frozen themed craft.

Online Art Camp

Well today, we are in luck because my blogging friend Jamie has started an online art camp for kids. She is a professional art instructor and has really great ideas for kids to make.


  • This class is perfect for a busy parent who doesn’t always has time to sit there and do a craft with the child. Actually it was nice for me for a change to have someone help your child with a craft.
  • It’s also great for a parent who thinks creativity and crafting is not their best feature (even though I think everybody are creative at some level) and they can’t help much a child who want to do a craft at home.  Jamie will take care of it. Her clear instructions on the video makes it very easy for a child to understand and follow up with everything.
  • Another thing I liked, that Jamie encourages using old magazines and other recycled materials.
  • Jamie will encourage your kids to be creative and come up with different ways how to make that craft YOUR way, which I really really like.

So I showed these classes to Sofia. She picked the princess gown one (of course) and she decided to make Elsa’s dress.

She enjoyed  listening to the class and felt kinda important and excited about her craft. (I wish she would listen to me so attentively  when I am talking about a craft).

frozen craft


What Sofia used to make this Frozen Craft:

(she made Elsa’s dress)

  • old magazines that had some blue color in them
  • scissors
  • glue
  • pencil
  • glitter (white and blue)
  • the top of old shoe box (we used it as a picture frame so we can hang it on the wall, but it’s totally optional)

 Frozen Craft Tutorial

frozen craft

1. Cut out blue stripes from old magazines.

2. For this particular Frozen Craft Elsa’s Dress we used blue stripes. The length is not important now.

3. Glue the stripes on the paper

4. Just like that. And wait the glue to dry.

5. Draw a shape of a wanted dress (or use Jamie’s printable from the art camp) on the back of the paper where you glued your stripes on.

6. Cut the dress out.

7. As an extra accessory  Sofia made a coat for Elsa’s dress. We cut out a piece of used plastic file envelope.

8. Glued the cut out dress in top of the shoe box (or construction paper) and  that “see through coat” on top of the dress.

The dress is done!

She was sure proud of it!

frozen craft dress

frozen craft dress

Thanks, Jamie for letting us on your online art camp. We enjoyed it a lot and can’t wait to make more art projects. In fact, I was just helping Sofia with the drawing the shape of the dress. The rest was all her and Jamie of course.

By the way, this post IS NOT sponsored. However, my daughter got to use this awesome camp for free because Jamie is just so sweet. But if you guys want to check it out, she has a sale going on now (I believe it’s only $5 for 5 classes) and believe me, it’s totally worth it. Just for that coffee break or a chapter you read in your favorite book while your child is busy making a craft all by her/himself.

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