Newspaper Scavenger Hunt Game – perfect for lazy family afternoon

Do you love reading Sunday paper or a magazine but are too busy because of the kids?

Would you like to know how to read a Sunday paper or a magazine AND entertain kids at the same time?

We have played a game that is a WIN-WIN for us, the parents, and the kids! It’s Newspaper Scavenger Hunt game! 

newspaper treasure hunt

 It’s a great game for a Sunday afternoon. It’s a pretty simple game, but involves the whole family: small or big. Also, it’s great for improving reading and cutting skills if your kids are still young.

Supplies you will need

1.Newspaper for each player
2. Scissors
3. Treasure hunt list (optional).


The goal of the game is to find all the things listed on the scavenger hunt list in the newspaper. You can make your own list or you can use ours. 

You can play individually or split into teams. Splitting into teams is good when you have little ones. You can instruct them to find certain pictures.

The player (or team) who finds all the things on the scavenger hunt list wins the game.

You can also give extra points for extra nice cuts, super accurate finds and creativity (if exact things weren’t in the newspaper, but they were replaced with other similar finds).

Here is a short video of us playing the newspaper scavenger hunt game.