How to make Olaf from Frozen Halloween Costume

I think Olaf from Frozen would be a good Halloween costume for a toddler. So we decided to make one. A really simple, easy yet adorable Olaf from Frozen Halloween Costume.

In fact, this costume could be a last minute Halloween Costume. It’s so easy and quick to make.  diy olaf costume

Make your Olaf Costume:

homemade olaf costume

You will need:

  • a big piece of cardboard (almost as tall as the kid will be wearing it the costume). It’s great if you can find a white cardboard, but if you can’t just glue, tape a pig white project paper on it.
  • scissors
  • colors (black and orange)
  • tape and a string

What to do:

how to make olaf hallowen costume

1. Draw Olaf on the cardboard. Believe me, if I can do it, you can too. It took me 5 minutes of staring in the picture and little by little I was brave enough to draw 3 circles. And the few more.

2. Cut it out.

3. Circle come buttons for Olaf.

4. Make a nose for Olaf by rolling a small piece of paper. Color it orange.

5. Make Olaf’s hear. Cut out some stripes from cardboard, color them black and tape/glue it to the back of his head.

6. Make this costume wearable. Attach couple of ropes with the tape on the back of Olaf costume and tie it to the happy and excited kid.

olaf costume

diy olaf costume from carboard

So if you have a little one who is STILL talking about OLAF, this costume will make him/her very happy and excited to go trick treating.

To prove that we have Olaf fans in the family I actually have a video!

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