Olaf the Snowman Treats to make with your kids

I call these Olaf the snowman treats edible crafts. In case your child needs extra motivation to get up and make a craft, try offering Olaf craft that later you can eat. How cool is that!

olaf treats

You may already know that we love doing crafts that can later be played with. In other words we love making toys, so this treat craft also falls into our favorite category, because after you are done with the craft you don’t have to throw it away. You simply eat it.

Again, how cool is that!

I gathered my favorite Olaf the snowman treats from all over the internet. Some are perfect to do with your children and some are more advanced. However, try involving your kids as much as possible. Listen to their suggestions and let them create something new. Believe me, when it comes to treats and sweets they know best.

Olaf Marshmallow craft and fun nighttime adventures!


Olaf The Snowman Apples

This is a healthy approach to a kid snack. I love it.

olaf apples

The cutest Olaf marshmallow and cracker snacks

Perfect for the party!


Olaf breakfast

otherwise called OLAFFLES


Olaf Marshmallow Pops


Frozen-Olaf-Marshmallow-Pops 6_PM

Olaf the Snowman Cookies

Not only they look gorgeous, they also taste good.


Olaf quesadilla dinner

Every child will eat this dinner for sure.


Olaf treats for the party

Such a great idea to let the little party guests to assemble their own Olafs.

frozen party

Honestly, I was little nervous and not sure if I should post this roundup of Olaf treats, since some of them have candy, that may contain some artificial flavors and other bad ingredients.  I am natural mama and always try my best to serve my kids healthy and nutritious foods. So I just wanted to remind you to choose the best ingredients when making these treats. For example, choose raisins over candy when putting buttons for Olaf, use a mini carrot for his nose. If using marshmallows, make sure to pick the organic ones.

Free Goodie Bag Topper Template Printable

dress up treat bags

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