Our Minimalist DIY Christmas Tree

As you may have noticed our family loves things simple and homemade. This DIY Christmas Tree is no exception.

It took 8 sticks (that we got after recent garden tree trimming), rope, some beads, paper snowflakes to build a Christmas Tree.

christmas tree homemade

Here is a little peak in how did all go:


The process is very simple and it only took us about 1 hour once the materials were gathered.

We got the sticks and lined them up to measure where each stick needs to be cut to form a tree shape (shortest to longest). After sticks were cut we placed them on the floor again, but now we spaced them out and started tying it up with the rope. First, we tied them in the middle  and then the sides.

Things to add to you DIY Christmas tree. We didn’t put too much thought in it, so we just hung whatever was on our hand. Some green pines that we found outside, Sofia cut out some snowflakes and made some beat ornaments. We found one pine cone (wish, we had more of them). Kids had a blast and were so excited that they were a big part of building this DIY Christmas Tree.

diy christmas tree

We are so glad that we skipped the traditional Christmas Tree route.

diy christmas tree woods