Painted Rocks Ideas To Blow Your Mind

I will be honest with you, I just discovered painted rocks! I have been living my life for over 30 years now and have never thought to paint a rock.

Motherhood and sometimes desperation for a simple activity introduced me to my new favorite craft – painting on rocks.

So here is my favorite painted rocks

1. Alphabet rocks using embossing powder and the heating tool brings out this amazing bright color. Who wouldn’t want to learn ABC’s with these rocks?

painted rocks 2. Play tic-tac-toe with these painted rocks.

painted rocks3. Teach numbers, colors, size all at once with these cute ladybugs.

painted rocks4. How about angry birds? painted rocks

5. Painting rocks for Halloween? Here are great Rock Jack-O-Lanterns.

painted rocks6. These painted car rocks will never break.

painted rocks

7. Painted rocks can inspire kids to create and tell unheard stories. Here is what we did with out rocks. Rocks in the Box.

story rocks8. Ice cream rock can be a great addition to a kitchen play set. (keeping in mind that kids know it’s a rock and they cannot bite on it).

painted rocks9. Take a look at this video of painted rocks and find some more ideas.

10. Watch this super simple painting on rocks tutorial to learn how to make qute ladybugs from rocks with your kids.


While it is supposed to be an activity for my children I start feeling that it is more an obsession for me.

On a daily basis I am tempted to grab a rock and just paint. At first I didn’t know much about it (and I still don’t), but the more I look at what other creative people did with them I get inspired to make some of them myself.

The amazing thing about these painted rocks is that they are not only the craft. Many times they serve as a toy, learning activity, it could be a great gift, indoor or outdoor decor and so many more.

Happy Rocking!

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