Painting Activities For Kids. 30 Ideas Kids Love

Painting activities for kids are the must in our house. This activity has so many benefits that there is no doubt that it should be included in your weekly schedule! Yesterday I was searching for some ideas that my kids haven’t tried yet and I noticed that creativity of all mothers is just limitless. So, the thought came to my mind that it would be nice to have the best painting ideas in one place. And here it is, I am writing a blog post about my favorite painting activities for kids!

painting activities for kids

They all look super fun, most of them are easy to make and require no or just little set up. Also, it can be painted indoor and outdoor (painting in the backyard sounds like a meditation and so much fun, isn’t it?). I am sure that after these 30 painting activities for kids you’ll be ready for the artsy weekend!

30 Painting Activities For Kids

  1. Outdoor Window Painting. Looks very messy, but author of the idea says that is not! For me it looks like a good motor activity which is a good practice for window cleaning in the future. But, for the very beginning start with painting on it (lol :D).
  2. Pudding Painting Messy Toddler Activity. Well, this edible painting activity for kids looks super silly and fun.
  3. Cotton Round Splatter Painting. A painting idea that was popular a few years ago, but I think it’s worth to remember! Kids can’t get enough of it.
  4. Graffiti Art For Kids. When the weather is good and your kids ask for some activities, I am sure that this messy graffiti painting will take a place in your backyard.
  5. Easy DIY Chalk Paint. Simple, easy and fast recipe to have colors ready for outdoor painting.
  6. Painting with Sandals. When you are looking for some materials that can be used for painting in order to get different shapes and forms, grab some sandals! Genius, huh?
  7. Natural Fingerpainting with Blackberries. Natural, edible and super fun!
  8. Painting with Cars. I think it’s cool activity for boys who always want to be outside and pick up their cars everywhere! Include some colors and you’ll have an activity they definitely adore.
Painting Activities For kids

Outdoor Painting Techniques

  1. Preschool Art Activity: Washable Painting on a Shower Curtain. Perfect activity for kids to get messy and enjoy the summer in the backyard.
  2. Jellyfish Salt Painting Activity For Kids. It looks so awesome yet simple that I am sure we need to try this.
  3. Gorgeous Handprint Rainbow Painting What a cool sensory activity for kids! You may noticed that they love handprints, so I think they will be happy to try this one!
  4. Outer Space Galaxy Painting for Kids. Let kids create their own galaxy by mixing colors! It looks very good painting activity for kids who don’t feel confident about their art skills.
  5. Ice Chalk Painting. Our family love chalk activities. This way of using chalks looks very simple, cheap and easy to make. A must for the summer!
  6. Painted Rocks Ideas. The amazing thing about these painted rocks is that they are not only the craft. Many times they serve as a toy, learning activity or even more.
  7. Marbling with Oil and Food Coloring. The good thing about this painting activity is that you may have everything in your cupboards! Just pay attention to the recipe, make it carefully!
Painting Activities for kids

Indoor Painting Ideas

  1. Rainbow Raised Salt Painting. Perfect activity for kids that develop their concentration and focusing on the present moment. Love this!
  2. Butterfly Drawing Game. This activity is not only about painting, but playing as well. Perfect for group of kids or even for family evenings.
  3. Two Ingredient Homemade Baking Soda Paint. One of the simplest painting recipes that looks fun.
  4. Rainbow Sponge Painting. Simple and artsy at the same time. Actually, the possibilities of sponge painting is limitless, but making a rainbow could be a good eye-hand coordination exerciser too!
  5. Rainbow Raised Salt Painting. One more activity from FunWithMama blog, that looks awesome.
  6. Get to know how to make puffy paint for kids. It looks unusual, but the result is amazing!
  7. Well, this idea is very flexible and you could try it not for drawing only, but for painting as well! Drawing with vegetables – super fun!
  8. Monster Blow Painting. I just love this idea for kids. Colorful, easy to make and silly! Actually, this is an activity that is awesome for process and the result.
Painting Activities For kids

Indoor Painting Techniques

  1. Paint With Bubbles. Very creative and hilarious painting activity. Show me the kid who don’t like bubbles!
  2. Drawing using Mirrors. It’s an activity that turned into an easy drawing for kids game was voted one of the best drawing games EVER by my kids. It’s very simple, yet brilliantly awesome and very very fun.
  3. Gorgeous Spin Art Hearts Painting Activity for Kids. I cannot think of a better painting idea during rainy days. The result amazed me! It can be a perfect gift from kids to any occasion.
  4. Marshmallow Edible Paint. Have you ever heard about marshmallow
    paintings? For me it was a first time, where I’ve been before??
  5. Homemade Kids Paint – 3 Simple Ingredients! If you have different age kids at home it could be a discovery! Cool and simple recipe and all ages kid friendly activity!
  6. Cherry Blossom Painting With Cotton Balls. This one is my favorite. So simple yet beautiful… The youngest artists will love it.
  7. Blow Painting with Straws. Straws are a must in a cupboard if you have kids. You can use them in so many ways and painting is not an exception.
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Fun Family Reunion Games

PASS IT ON. Hilarious family drawing game

Super simple, yet pretty genius game where not so perfect drawing comes in handy. It’s like a broken telephone game, but in drawing. Get ready from unstoppable laughs, screams and awesome family memories once you unfold the paper!  Perfect for:

  • terrible artists
  • ages: 4-99
  • 4-7 players (if more, must divide into groups)
  • family gatherings or friends 

Painting Tips

While I was looking for more ideas, I found these few tips that may help you to change the way of making art! I am surprised by this creative Mama, who decided to make her own nature paintbrushes – painting with flowers and nature. Looks awesome, doesn’t it? I am already curious to try it with my kiddos!

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