Cookie Cutter Pancake Recipe for Kids To Make


If you are one of the those who tried to shape the pancakes and look them fun then keep reading to find a simple trick that will make your pancakes look like butterflies, Christmas trees, Teddy Bears, Hearts and what not.



There are billion pancake recipes for kids out there. Well, maybe not a billion, but definitely enough. But what does it really make “the kids recipe”?

For me, it’s not only a healthy, nutritious and delicious meal. Kids recipe also means that kids can help making the dish. And have fun, of course. 

Cookie cutter pancake recipe/activity for kids

We are a traditional Sunday/Saturday-pancake-breakfast-kinda-family. It’s just got to be pancakes. To make it special I got myself into a life-long ‘trouble’ – making the pancakes different shapes, fun presentations and decorations.  Every time.

So last few years have been full of experimenting on how to make that perfect pancake heart or even a teddy bear made out of pancake. I tried everything and all kinds of pans. (Wish I could have pictures of some ‘messes’ I created out of pancakes.)

One day it just hit me – why don’t I use cookie cutters to shape my pancakes! It’s kind of those AHA moments. So simple, yet never thought of it.

How do you get pancakes to look like cookies?

1. Make and cook the pancakes.I use various pancake recipes, but this one the most common in our house:

  • 2 eggs
  • sugar (to your taste)
  • salt (little bit)
  • 2 cups plain yogurt
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • flour

2. Get your cookie cutters.

3. Let the kids press on the pancakes to shape them.It’s that simple, but it brings so much joy to their faces. Making a Christmas tree out of a round pancake can really start your day going very well.    

pancake recipe for kids

 It turned out the best pancake cooking experience ever. Plus every Sunday morning kids have a fun cooking activity, which is blending into our family tradition pretty good. 

pancake recipe for kids

Decorate them, add butter, syrup and whatever other goodies you like. We added some pomegranate (just because it’s in season and it’s so pretty). 




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