Paper Clip Craft turns out into a bracelet

paper clip craftWe did this Paper Clips Craft with my daughter when she asked to help her make “something lovely” for assistant teacher in her preschool, because “she always works so hard”.

How about a bracelet?

“Nothing sparkly or fancy” were the requests.

We gathered the supplies and things needed to make a paper clip bracelet.

Oh, yeah, they were only three:paperclipcraft4

  • paperclips
  • thread
  • glue

And then we start making a paper clip bracelet.

If you  want to make one too, here is what you should do:

  1. Connect as many paper clips as you need (depending on the wrist’s size)

paper clip craft 2.     Wrap each paper clip with thread and secure the end of it with the glue.

paper clip craft

It’s really simple as that. You can add a jewel on each paper clip to make it more fancier or use shiny thread for a more festive effect.

I loved this craft mostly because my daughter had to use some motor skills: first, by connecting the paper clips together, secondly, by wrapping the thread around each paper clip.

Tip. Try choosing thicker thread, so it will be easier and faster to cover the paper clip.

We finished the paper clip craft and everybody was happy: my daughter – because she was so proud she made a beautiful bracelet for assistant teacher (who, of course, was very pleased to receive appreciation for her hard work). And of course, I was happy – motor activity, fun paper clip craft, a bracelet, a happy child – what else could I ask.



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