10 Most Popular Parenting Tips

I can’t believe the year is over. 2014 was great: we did a lot of crafts from recycled materials, made some real fun toys and had some fun activities for kids. Oh, and then we made the videos..

In between all of those things I tried to squeeze some parenting tips here and there. They are about happier parenting, which is creating great memories with your kids, building a strong bond and also taking care of yourself, because y’all know that if mama is happy, everyone is happy.

popular parenting tips

So here are my top 10 parenting pots on Playtivities this year.

1. Morning Routine for stay at home moms

I only made 1 resolution this year. It was to be more productive, energetic and of course happier. And, yes, it’s counted as one resolution.

morning routine tips

2. BEST parenting advice

It took me quite a while to realize one of the most important and successful secrets in parenting. It might seem obvious and something you knew, but it works for our family SO WELL I felt bad not sharing or just reminding you about it.  It is The Best Parenting Advice of mine I always give (if anyone asks).

parenting tips

3. What happens when kids get bored

I am pretty surprised and very much pleased to find out that BORED KIDS ARE CREATIVE KIDS! My proud mama moments happen when my kids ‘bring in’ ideas from the craft or activity we did and use it to kill the boredom.


4. I CAN teach my toddler

The title says it all. Every parent CAN teach their toddler…, but, not everybody knows how to.

Few years ago when my first child turned 2 I had very different feelings (as probably all moms do) about the whole toddler education thing. I was a new mom and didn’t know many things I do now.

teach your toddler

5. Our favorite family traditions

Family traditions play a big part in our parenting. They are fun, consistent, they help us bond as a family in a fun way and most importantly they create THE BEST memories for all of us.

And guess what – you don’t have to wait for Christmas, Birthday or any other holiday to have your family tradition. I am sharing some of our family traditions that we basically use every day.

family traditions

6. How I find me time EVERY SINGLE DAY

We are constantly pulled away and told what to do and how to feel by social media, TV, kids, bosses and even a random stranger on the phone that calls during dinner time. It became hard to listen to your true self. It’s so easy to loose that connection with yourself.

Also it’s very important for your Inner growth and renewal.

how I find me time

7. Raising grateful children. A thank you letter to my daughter.

You spend years telling your kids to say thank you for the presents they receive, you never stop reminding them about being thankful and appreciative for what they have.

teaching appreciation to kids


8. 10 Meaningful Birthday Traditions

birthday traditions for kids birthday traditions for kidsMeaningful Birthday Traditions wasn’t something I ever thought before I had kids. But right after we had my daughter’s first birthday we made up our minds to simplify kids’ birthdays. After celebrating her second birthday we thought we made the best decision EVER!

meaningful birthday traditions

9. Morning routine for kids

Are mornings hectic in your house? Kids having trouble to be motivated and get ready? Do you find yourself pushing your patience limits 10 minutes after your children woke up?

I have had mornings like that. Quite few lately. So something needed to change.

morning routine hack for kids

10. Make Childhood last longer

It seems like it was just yesterday that I was kissing all of his tiny toes and today I can barely catch my son and I have to Google answers to many of my daughter’s questions, because, frankly – I don’t have answers

childhood longer

I hope you found something that you can adopt to your every day life as a parent.

Here some more very helpful parenting tips on my Pinterest Parenting board.




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