Pasta Salads Your Kids Will Not Stop Eating

Pasta salads are very popular in our family. Very. Especially summer time. As a mom I love them because I get to include a lot of healthy veggies and other nutritional foods. We have made a lot of different pasta salads through the years and I discovered few things that can help you make a successful (and by successful I mean empty salad bowl) pasta salad that your kids and the whole family will love.

  • Presentation is important. Place the pasta salad in odd container, such as sand bucket or a chinese to go box or put pasta salad on the skewers.
  • Make it colorful. This can work to your advantage by adding a lot of different colorful veggies..
  • Give it silly name. Like a “Turtle salad” or “Ratatouille salad”. 

kid friendly pasta salads


 Pasta salads for children’s party

My kids loved this Turtle orzo pasta salad. It’s perfect for summer birthday party. You can see the video how we made it here. PLAYTIVITIES

Serve pasta salad in a sand bucket for the next party. Way to save on expensive serving dishes. Tasteofhome

Pasta salad skewers. It’s totally do-able especially if you pick tortellini pasta. Babble 

Get some chinese take out boxes and serve your pasta salad in them. It would great for a picnic at the park. Childhood101

Don’t throw away those plastic clear cold drink containers you get at the coffeeshop, the could be very practical pasta salad containers to go. Lovefromtheoven 

kids party pasta salad ideas


Playfull yet very simple sea shell pasta with beach umbrellas on top is perfect for beach themed or pool party. Jewelpie

How about letting kids making their own pasta salad my placing all the different ingredients on the plates. Pasta salad bar! Cupcakesandcutlery 

No child will refuse Pizza pasta salad. Insidebrucrewlife   

healthy pasta salad recipes for kids

 Healthy Pasta Salads For Kids

Strawberry and salmon pasta salad. Yummy. Withablast 

Chicken poppy seed pasta salad with grapes. Tablespoon 

Couscous pasta salad with shrimp. Savoringthethyme

Kids will enjoy this confetti pasta salad. Peasandcrayons 

This salad is so good that your kids will not probably even notice that the noodles are made out of zuchinni. Simpleveganblog

We have tried this Orzo chick pea salad full of protein and kids asked for more. Twopeasandtheirpod 

pasta salads

Glutten free pasta salad that you will be able to prepare while the pasta is cooking. Fast, simple and healthy ingredients. Keepitsimplekeepitfresh

If your kids aren’t into eating a lot of veggies there is still a healthy pasta salad with cucumbers. Mylifeandkids 

Grilled ratatouille pasta salad will sell by its name. Twopeasandtheirpod 

pasta salad recipes

 Greek Pasta Chicken Salad with chicken. Kids Activities Blog 

Frog eye sweet fruit salad. Yummyhealthyeasy

Taco pasta salad for taco nights! Butterwithasideofbread 

Silly star pasta salad. B-inspiredmama

Havaiian pasta salad. Palatablepastime 

pasta salad recipes for kids

Strawberry pasta salad. Skewearsmanyhats

Summer succotash salad. Weelicious

Summer pasta salad with tomatoes and peas. Giverecipe

So which pasta salads do your kids love? Share with us your favorite recipe in the comments below.

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