Playful Photography Activity For Kids

photoraphy activity

As a blogger I use my camera a lot during the day. I take pictures, I shoot videos and then I look at them, I analyze and edit them.

My children see that and occasionally want to be little photographers too.

So today I came up with a very cool game for them to play. It’s simple, yet very entertaining, educational and has many possibilities for different play variations.

Things you will need for a Photography Game:

  1. Camera. I gave my old old iPhone that I don’t use it anymore. But you could also get 2-in-1 Digital Camera and Projector which isspecially made camera for kids.
  2. Space to take pictures. Both, indoors and outdoors work well.

How to play

1. Let the child go and take the picture of anything he wants, but it shouldn’t be very self explanatory. To do that, show him how to zoom in with the camera so he can capture small details.

photography activity photography activity

2. Meanwhile the other child (or you) try not to see where the photographer is going.

photography activity

3. The photographer brings back the camera and shows the picture on the display screen. The other person has to guess the object in the picture and where was it taken.

This photography activity is fun indoors or outdoors. Outside in the backyard is a lot of fun, because the lighting is good and you can sneak up a lot more pictures of a lot more different things.We played this game inside the house and it was as much fun. Kids could focus on finding little details from the pictures on the walls, on the milk cartons, corners of furniture.  You will see pictures and you will not believe it’s your house.

Inspire them

Give kids few ideas on where to find “hard to guess picture shots”


  • take a picture of your bike’s seat cushion.
  • take a picture of flower leaf.
  • take a picture of …


  • design of the table runner
  • flower of the wall tile in the bathroom
  • your siblings eye in the picture hanging on the wall

    To have more fun

  • Add time limit. Let’s say kid has 1minute to find the object in the picture. That will definitely turn the competition mood on.
  • Set a color that must be in the picture
  • Allow only 3 times to guess on where this picture was taken.
  • Use photo editing program (if you are using phone camera) to make the picture black and white.

photography activity

Why I love this activity

Two reasons:

1. Kids get to play while learn the beginning lessons of photography: zoom, focus, find interesting objects. It is a game to encourage kid’s creativity.

2. All I did just told the rules and gave the camera phone to the kids and they were ‘shooting’ for at least couple of hours. The level of interest was even bigger when we switched to outdoors the next day.

It’s a perfect boredom buster activity for kids of any age.

Meanwhile, you can easily sit down, relax and have some iced coffee. Or do laundry, clean the house and cook dinner. Which ever you prefer.

Get some more photography tips and make sure to watch Sofia’s video where she shares her tips about better photography  for kids.


6 thoughts on “Playful Photography Activity For Kids”

  1. I love this. We are planning to do a photo scavenger hunt this summer (post upcoming.) I think I love this even more! Sharing.

    1. Birute Efe

      Sheila, thanks. Photo scavenger hunt will be fun too. Will wait for your post to try it out.

    2. Charlene

      I am a photographer and my kids love watching me work. This is a great idea i cant wait to play this game with them.

  2. We’ll be doing this activity today. Thanks for this! 🙂

    1. Birute Efe

      you will have to send me a funny photo, Anna

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