Pillow Sumo Wrestling. Ultimate Boredom Game

I am a pretty laid back mom. I am not following my kids at the park when they climb, jump or slide. I don’t get crazy if their hands aren’t washed before meal. But there is one thing that literally starts me screaming from panic.

pillow sumo wrestling game

It’s the wrestling. And they do a lot of it! My head is just spinning thinking that they will hurt each other any second.

Something had to be done as this wrestling game increased and kids grew a bit older and now using more power and more moves. Especially my son.

Simple trick has saved my sanity and I will share it with you.

It’s Pillow Sumo Wrestling

It’s official and I love it. Not only the kids are safe, but also they are screaming from having so much fun!

For each child you will need: 

  • 2 pillows
  • Large t-shirt
  • belt or a rope

sumo wrestling 4Pillow Sumo Wrestling Rules

There aren’t any actually or you come up with your own.

The only one I had was to not leave the ‘secured soft’ area. The rest was the kids just being silly and using their energy and trying to make each other fall, because once you fall you can’t get up AND that is VERY funny for them.

Here is a short video you can watch how much fun they had playing pillow sumo wrestling game.

Keep it safe 

It’s important.

The main reason why you put pillows on them is for safety (well, for fun too), so make sure the area that they play in is secured and doesn’t have any sharp furniture corners, windows near by.

We made a little area around our couch on the carpet and marked the territory with bunch of pillows and soft cushions. (If you have backyard with some grass and weather permits, go play outside).

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