Pine cone craft that turned into a toy

Here it comes another pine cone craft (have you seen our magic pine cone crown and a wand?)  And if you are familiar with Playtivities, we make it practical here. Almost all craft turns into a DIY Toy.

pinecone craft fly

My toddler son is into flying things lately. Everything flies for him at this moment. He is so fascinated to see something out in the air moving.

So me and the big sister decided to make him a flying pine cone craft – bumblebee. Just because. OR maybe because we have a big box of pinecones outside our front door.

pinecone bees flying

pinecone craft bees

Pine cone craft  – the bumblebee

To assemble your bumblebee be you will need:

  • pine cone
  • wooden stick
  • pipe cleaners (any color you have, you can color them black later)
  • googly eyes
  • lips (we had it already, but you can just cut it out from red paper or plastic)
  • 2 bumble bee wings (we cut ours out of plastic bottle and colored them yellow)
  • yellow and black paint and the brush

pinecone craft bubmblebee

1. Color the pinecone in yellow and black stripes and let it dry.

2. Glue on eyes, lips, antennas and the wings.

3. Attach the stick to the pinecone. Squeeze the stick into the pinecone and secure it with super glue.

pinecone craft flying bee pinecone craft toy

Things and places this pinecone bumblebee have seen already… The sunset including.

pinecone craft

I hope you enjoyed this pine cone craft and a toy. It’s a great homemade sibling gift as well as a really cool craft.


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