Playdough Creations With Pasta

playdough and pasta

Today was a simple and pretty calm day at our house.

I don’t know if it’s because of my luck (doubt that!) or because we had a lot of playdough action today. Logically, I would think it’s because of the playdough. Knowing how good this is for kids, how soothing and relaxing it is, I am not surprised they are very happy today.

Playing with playdough is one of the most effective sensory activities I know. playdough pasta

But when you add some elements to this activity it can become even more effective. Kids get to practice their motor skills as well.

We used pasta today. Simple, dry pasta. You can use any shape you want/have.

Actually, I pulled this one out of our crafting drawer and used the same one we had for our pasta sensory bin. That way we are not really wasting food. Well, we are, but we are reusing it few times so it’s not THAT bad.

I loved looking at their focused faces and weird mimics when when spaghetti breaks 5th time in the row and penne pasta just disappears deep in the playdough.


Our Playdough Creations

playdough creationsIt’s simple, nothing fancy, but it does miracles. You should try it too.

The green playdough is Homemade. We made it few weeks ago and we will never go back to a store bought one. IT’s THE best. I am working on finishing up a post/tutorial about this.  P.S. It’s a video tutorial by my daughter. So tune in.

I was inspired by this wonderful book The Homemade Play Dough Recipe  I just came across of my fellow blogger Cathy James. It’s truly a must have if your kids love playdough (or if you would like to do some more playdough activities). It has super easy homemade playdough recipes (fail proof) and tones of playdough play ideas. Really inspiring stuff.

play dough recipe book

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