Pomegranate chocolate recipe for kids

pomegranatechocolateLast year we lived where pomegranates were a true luxury. It was a big treat for our family ($1.50 each during the season).

This year we are lucky to be in beautiful and pomegranates-full Turkey. They grow everywhere:

  • You go for a walk and you can pick some pomegranates.
  • You  go to the market and they are “dirt cheap” over there.
  • You invite aunt from a village and she brings 2 cases of the most organic pomegranates you could ever find.

Yesterday we went to the vineyard to check on the last grapes. Guess what we found.

YES. Pomegranates.

Since we have so much of this divine fruit we literally use in every dish possible.

So one day my daughter said:

why don’t we make pomegranate chocolate?”.

And that’s how THE pomegranate chocolate recipe for kids was born….


You will need:


  1. Black Chocolate (we used %70 cocoa)
  2. Sugar (we used 3 tablespoons)
  3. Pomegranate




What to do:

1. Warm up the chocolate and the sugar until it is melted


2. Pour the chocolate in the baking pan with cookie sheet in it

pomogranate chocolate recipe

3. Fun part – let the kids arrange/drop the pomegranate seeds on the chocolate “dough”.P1080566

4. Put in in the fridge and keep it there for at least few hours (if possible).


5. Let the kids lick the dishes (optional).


6. Let the attack tasting begin.


Hope you have fun and enjoy this pomegranate chocolate recipe for kids.



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