Portable DIY Car Track

All of our DIY Toys are born out of desperate necessity. Our son got some new car toys for holidays and he needed some place to drive and play with them. That’s how DIY car track from cardboard was born. This is house version. Have you seen our rock DIY car track? It’s still in our sandbox.

race track for kids

Carboard DIY Car Track 

You will need: 

  • cardboard
  • duck tape (for even better results get this awesome road tape)
  • box cutter

The super easy instructions for this DIY car track from cardboard you can find in this short video.

I found that the best part about this car track is that after playing you can easily hang it on the wall or put it under the bed to save up some space in the room. While it does take a little longer to make it than just taping the tape directly onto the floor, in the long run it pays off, because it can be used over and over again.

playing on car trackTo make it more fun you can add road signs. Get them here. 


car track 5

So if you have a little one who is obsessed with cars this DIY car track is a perfect addition to it.