DIY Reading Nook Ideas For Kids

If you want your kids to love reading, building a reading nook for them is a very good idea. Not only it will be a perfect decor and play addition to your house it will also be THE PLACE to go and read.

And it’s not that really hard to make your own reading nook. You can re purpose other items and use some things you already have to build the most awesome reading nook ever. Here are some very cool ideas for you.

reading nook

DIY cozy reading fort. Find instructions at small friendly

Who wouldn’t love to hide and read lots of books in this colorful nook book? More pictures at original.little hell raiser

reading nook ideas

Make a bench and a whole reading nook in the closet. Learn how to from thrifty decor chick

A simple canopy and some lights can create a super cozy reading nook. Read the details at stuff parents need

Have an awkward space by the window? Turn it into a reading nook! Genius idea over at less than perfect life of bliss

A storage space turned into a cozy reading nook. Read full instructions at mama papa bubba

reading nook idea for kids

The best way to get kids excited about reading is to start early. Make a reading nook for your toddler right by the crib. Apartment therapy


reading nooks for kids

Re-purpose an old boat into a fun and adventurous reading nook for kids. Imagine the stories! Home talk

Create camping mood right inside your house by building this simple reading nook that looks just like a teepee. Ana-White 

Make a reading book marine style. Just like nellie bellie did.

A mini playhouse could serve as a perfect reading nook. Find more amazing projects like this at paulet paula

Creating a perfect reading nook for your kids

Extra tips:

  • Make sure there is enough good light in the nook.
  • Make it multi purpose nook where kids could also play in it and come back to read.
  • Make it fun and very inviting by using a lot of bright colors and adding some of decor items of kids’ favorite book characters.
  • It’s OK to make it near (in) family room. That way the reading nook will be used more often.
  • Place the books so they are visible and easy to reach.

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