Repurposing Old Furniture. Kid friendly ideas

Repurposing old furniture is my new crazy obsession. I love everything about it. The super crazy creative side behind it, the up-cycling part of it and of course the reason to make your finances in place being able to reuse what you have instead of going and buying new stuff.

I searched a lot and found some amazing old furniture transformations. All of them are either toys or furniture for kids.

repurposing old furniture


 Repurposing Old Furniture: TOYS

If you have an old wooden fruit box laying around in your garage, you can make a fun wheelbarrow for your child to play with and help you in the garden. via Playtivities  


Create a chalk table for kids to play. It would be so easy to change the theme of the play by just redrawing the setting. So many possibilities here! via iheartorganizing

You don’t have to use entire old cabinet to build a doll house. Just couple of drawers is enough for a super cute dollhouse. via semiproper

Got a handy kid in the house? Why not build this adorable toy workbench? via diynetwork

repurposing old furniture

You can make a toy train table by up-cycling old coffee table. Via  mellywoodsmansion

Take a look at this fancy DIY lego table… via infarrantlycreative

I can’t believe this was old dresser. Amazing transformation into a super cool looking lego table. via  myrepurposedlife

repurposing old furniture

 Repurposing old furniture: CRIBS

Magazine rack turned into baby doll crib. via hometalk

Your baby is a toddler now and it’s time for some art on a DIY easel made from an old baby crib. What a cool idea! via the-red-kitchen

Repurpose an old crib headbord into a flower bed. via myrepurposedlife

Make a toddler loft bed out of an old crib. Super savings guaranteed! via adrielbooker

Crib rail repurposed into kids art display. via faceliftfurniture

How about a pull picnic wagon out of an old crib? The coolest thing ever! via tidbits-cami

DIY kids’ corner bench banquette. via myrepurposedlife

Repurposed crib into book storage. via diyhshp

repurposing old furniture


 Repurposing Old Furniture: PLAY KITCHENS

How to make your own play kitchen. via paintontheceiling

Chic play kitchen made by papa and grandma. via giggleberrycreations

From nightstand to play kitchen. via spearmintbaby

Another great kitchen for little girls made from a nightstand. via simplykierste

repurposing old furniture

An old coke crate turned into art supply storage to stay organized. via thompsonfamily

This talented mom turned an old changing table into a desk. via  thriftdiving

Got some old cabinet doors? You can easily turn it into art table for your kids. myrepurposedlife

Cupboard into turned into into art desk. Genius idea! via  u-createcrafts

costume closets


Repurposing old furniture: TOY STORAGE

Is it a shelf or a bench? It’s both! What an awesome project. It can be used as both. via bugaboominimrme

Old crib turned into new toy chest. via handmadebymegk

Up-cycled repurposed crib into toy box bench. via  hometalk

DIY lego table with storage from an old dresser. via myrepurposedlife

toy storage ideas

Dress-up clothes wardrobe Nr. 1. via adventuresofacraftywife

Dress-up clothes wardrobe Nr. 2. via  ramblingrenovators

Dress-up clothes wardrobe Nr 3. via southernrevivals