Resolution Board For A New School Year

We all know that in order to achieve goals we need TO HAVE them. Write them, draw them, say it out loud. Whatever works best.

The same is with kids. But they are even more confused. Especially with the new school year starting.

So I came up with the plan this year to help my children set some resolutions for new school year. new school year resolutions

The key in this activity is to let them talk and for you to listen. You need to be like a facilitator and lead them to the path while helping them take the ownership.

It’s a great way to connect with your child and have a special moment.

To make this activity more practical we decided to have a “resolution board”.

Goals we talked about 

  • Make science experiments during weekends
  • Read one book a week
  • Learn a new joke once a week so I can share with my friends
  • Write more stories with illustrations
  • Pack my own lunch. At least once a week.
  • Have more fun at school
  • Find a friend who doesn’t have a friend
  • Ask more questions at school
  • Be more active after school
  • Make more art projects at home

When we were talking about the goals I tried to lead the kids not to set very concrete, academical goals, such as get a certain amount of good grades or become “student of the month”, as they put too much pressure on small children. Instead, we tried to focus on interests, relationships with friends, teachers and how they feel at school.

setting goals


We used Post-it® Durable Tabs to mark which resolutions/goals were already accomplished that week.

vision board


I love how these Sticky Notes give the bright color to the room and also remind a child about his goals every time he passes by. Motivation at its best.

After first 4 weeks of school we will take a look at our resolution wall and evaluate it. What was hard to achieve, which goal would he like to put on the wall again. I can’t wait to have this conversation again.

How do you help your young children to set goals for new school year? Please share YOUR ideas in the comments below.