Selfish Habits of a Happy Mom

If there was one word to describe mothers, selfish would NOT be one of them. For sure!

As a mom myself I can assure that most mothers don’t even know what being selfish mean anymore. We automatically think about fulfilling the needs of everybody in the house first and just if there is more time we will spare few minutes to give a little loving to ourselves.

The problem is that we usually don’t have time or energy for ourselves anymore at the end of the day.

7 selfish mom habits

I struggled with this problem (not loving myself) for a while, until I decided that I am no good of a mother, wife, friend and overall – a human being if I don’t get to be a little selfish. Yes, I said it – SELFISH!

Here are my daily “selfish” habits:

1. I devote part of the morning routine JUST to myself. Getting up before everyone else is the key (even if you have a baby). Start the day the way YOU want it. Is it a hot uninterrupted shower, essential oil massage, a cup of coffee (that is finished while it’s still hot), few minutes for meditation or a prayer? Maybe you can do it all?

2. I became minimalist. Have you heard about it? This stuff is great. I am gradually transforming into one and could not be more happier about this huge life changer. I started by reading this amazing book – Clutter Free With Kids.

But how will this make me happier? Well, it’s pretty simple – less stuff you have – less stuff you have to put it away, clean, find, buy and fix. Just think about the the hours you could do if you wouldn’t have to do all this work.

3. I exercise. Personally I am enjoying dancing, so as my daily exercise I DANCE. Sometimes it’s in the morning before family wakes up, sometimes it’s together with my kids.

Many studies have proved that physically active people are happier and healthier overall.

4.  I have a hobby, which happened to turn into online business. I know that just an idea of having a hobby sounds crazy when you have small children to take care of. But believe me, it’s worth the challenge to find and squeeze few hours a week for your passion.

If you are not sure yet of what your hobby is – take few different classes and find something that you love. And if leaving the house is not an option for your – take online class. Start learning on Udemy today! They have huge selection of online classes available and what I like about most of the classes and course offered there is that you can learn THE REAL SKILL that you can actually turn into a business later, if you wish so.

5. I eat my own food. You know exactly what I mean, mama. That’s right, stop finishing up your kids’ plates and eating chicken nuggets for dinner.

6. I make sure I have fresh flowers on the dinning table at all times. This is just my silly obsession that makes me really happy every time I walk in the room and see the flowers.

7. I hide. I have a secret spot in the house where nobody can find me until I get my sanity back on those harder days.

happy mom


I am still not perfect at all of this. I am not a happy mom 24/7. Honestly, I don’t think it’s possible to be one all the time. But one thing I know for sure, is if we invest in ourselves to be healthier, calmer, we will live more joyful lives. Most times we just need a daily reminder, some useful tips, a glance at someone else’s daily habits to stay on track and be healthier and happier.

My latest source of inspiration has been a book called Happy You, Happy Family, by my blogging buddy Kelly Holmes. My favorite part was – daily happiness schedules for every parenting situation. Grab a copy and find YOUR recipe for happiness in the chaos of parenting life.

selfish habits

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