Sensory Play With Flowers

sensory play with flowers

We love spring. Especially when we get to enjoy it on the open farm land.

Today was a great day to have a walk down the meadow. We decided to go on a wild flower hunt which resulted a good  bunch of green grass and few wild flowers.

I took opportunity to talk more about wild flowers and how they grow and remind kids that we only pick wild flowers with care and if we can use them for something else. For example, the green grass we got, we will feed our chickens after we play and we will try to dry wild camomile for the tea.  sensory play with flowers 5

After we came back I put all the grass and flowers kids collected into a large bin and let them explore everything with they fingers.

It was such a refreshing sensory bin filler. Not only the grass and flowers had different textures, lengths, shapes, colors to feel and explore but also it was different smells, which kids enjoyed it.

They even got to tickle their noises with some grass.

To extend the activity my 5 year old daughter decided to make flower bouquets. And let me tell you, this activity lasted quite a while and brought a lot of joy and excitement to her little heart. And to mine of course.

sensory play with flowers 3  sensory play with flowers 6 sensory play with flowers 7 It was a spontaneous activity and kids enjoyed it a lot. They practiced their sensory skills and got to smell different flowers while playing with their textures.

I will take the risk of sounding cheesy, but this sensory activity with grass and flowers brought my kids closer to nature and loving and respecting it more. Sensory play with wild flowers

Be alert and pay extra attention to your kids while they are playing.

  • In case of pollen allergy reaction remove this sensory bin and don’t use it again.

This post is part of 40 Days of Sensory Bin Fillers series I am participating in. Sarah from  Little Bins for Little Hands is gathering amazing posts from other bloggers about sensory bin fillers. Check out all these creative and wonderful ideas. I bet, some of them you never thought as a sensory bin filler.

Check out more sensory bin filler ideas on my Pinterest Board.

If you are doing a lot of sensory activities and keep changing the bin fillers, here is a great product I highly recommend. (I used to have one, but before the move had to give it away).

It keeps the sensory bin fillers organized so you can easily reuse the whole sensory set up again.  Just pull it out the bin and let the kids play.
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  1. What a great idea! My daughter LOVES sensory bins and I can’t wait to give her this new one to try…I may have to wait til her molars finally pop out so she doesn’t end up chewing up the whole meadow bin 😉 Thanks for the idea!

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