10 Simple Sick Day Activities for Toddlers

Do you have a sick toddler in the house and looking for some ways to entertain and make him feel at least a little better?

I gathered some of our favorite sick day activities for toddlers that we do when we have some sick ones in the house.

sick toddler activities

While all these activities are fun and entertaining, keep in mind that the best ‘medicine’ when your child is not feeling great is a lot of kisses, hugs and just cozy snuggles on the couch.

If a lot of love is given and you guys are up for some more fun, try out these fun activities.

Sick Day Activities For Toddlers

Steam shower works wonders if your kiddo is congested. Let them play with the shaving cream or other homemade washable bath paint. Under your supervision, of course.

Another favorite of mine is – handing a bunch of stickers and let them peel and stick and peel and stick 🙂

Reading books is also very comforting. Pick out the ones with lots of pictures, so you toddler will keep his focus easier.

If your little one isn’t up to any games, this DIY hammock will cheer him up for sure. Find full instructions how to make one yourself at  joyfulabode


We constantly make new glitter bottles. They are a great way to keep your child in bed (if needed) and calm. This toy always makes my little man so happy. It’s a happy glitter toy.  Playtivities

glitter bottle

Build a track with a tape. Find more details at kids activities blog


Make water sensory bag for your toddler. Learn what goes in it at hands on as we grow


Playdough works great when my little guy is sick. It relaxes him and it’s a good way to keep him in one stable position. Adding few drops of essential oils might even help him with the congestion. See how we made our playdough 100% natural – Playtivities

playdough natural die

Why not practice some numbers and some motor skills. This is a great quite time sorting activity for toddlers andnextcomesL


Have a box and some blocks? Great! You got your toddler a new fun toy to be occupied with for quite some time. playtivities


I hope you found an idea (or two) on how to entertain your sick toddler and make him feel better.

Which one is your favorite?

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